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Ever wondered how it would be to visit Bucharest in a holiday? Ask no more, because we have all the answers for you!

In this article, we will present you the following topics:

⍟ About Bucharest – general overview
⍟ Why you should make Bucharest a priority of your future holidays
⍟ What are some of the best things to do in Bucharest

After reading this article, you will know a lot more of what to expect of Romania’s capital, so you’ll be sure of having a great time around!

In fact, one of our purposes is to present you updated info about our city and know what to really expect in 2020 and 2021, despite the many confusing articles on the internet.

visit Bucharest Old town

About Bucharest.

With a reported population of 2.150.000 people, not including the outskirts (according to the National Institute of Statistics) Bucharest is Romania’s capital and the biggest city in Eastern Europe.

Even if it’s a trending destination for less than 5 years, its current fame is for the metropolitan busy lifestyle, fun nightlife and closeness to all Romania’s top attractios; The Black Sea is just 250 km away, the Carpathian Mountains at roughly 120 km, the Delta of Danube – 340 KM and the border with Bulgaria by only 70 km.

Moreover, Bucharest is considered a fast-paced city, with multicultural people and with huge diversity of entertainment. It is also the home of the second biggest administrative building in the world, the Palace of the Parliament and the second biggest spa in Europe, Therme.

Plus, it has reported more than 4000 bars and restaurants, 22 shopping malls and is the only city in Romania having a metro (subway) system throughout most of the areas.

In our experience, in order to visit Bucharest in a relaxed pace, we would always recommend at least 3 full days of holiday. And you will see exactly why!

visit Bucharest Old town

Why should Bucharest be a priority of your future destinations.

It is still an unusual, unfrequented and underrated travel destination.

How many of your friends can tell that they visited Romania? Probably not too many, but those who did, most probably want to return!

Not known by many, Bucharest was till the beginning of 2020 one of the top trending capitals in Europe, with a permanent increase in tourism in the past 5 years.

In 2019, Bucharest was visited by roughly 2 million foreign visitors, with an approximate increase of 15% from 2018, even with its low advertising abroad.

With these numbers though, Bucharest still remains one of the least visited capitals in the EU, making it a great destination for the authenticity seekers.

Not being yet roamed by hordes of tourists like other big cities such as Budapest or Prague, will make your holiday more insightful and less touristy, to really catch the local vibe.

Flight tickets and accommodation
are still very cheap .

In comparison with other popular destinations, to fly to Bucharest can be as cheap as starting from 20 EUR, both ways!

Most low-cost flight carriers between Bucharest and most European capitals are operating twice per week, so the effort and budget for visiting Romania are rather small.And from most capitals in Eastern Europe, Bucharest has the most flight connections with direct flights with all countries nearby. Even if you’re flying from or to Asia and Africa.

Also, the accommodation prices for medium-range hotels or AirBnbs are very convenient even in city center, with less than 50 EUR/night for a room.

This way you will be able to spend an entire weekend starting from 120 EUR overall, making it a great deal anytime!

when visiting Bucharest

People are friendly.

Even if you’re a solo traveler, you will meet a lot of friendly people on the way! Most will try to be helpful with anything you may need, or join you for some drinks if you ask them.

This is in fact one of the things we are so proud of as Romanians; Not being used to so many tourists, makes most Romanians curious to meet foreigners and share experiences, while also being very hospitable.

We want everyone to enjoy our country and feel treated like a friend, to really make a good impression over our country and to present our local customs.

A secret hint: never refuse to drink or try a local dish with a local if invited so; This may seem rude or strange and may be taken personal!

It's crazy fun!.

One of the things we love the most about our city is the fact that is crazy fun throughout all seasons, every day.

From a huge variety of bars, restaurant and clubs, Bucharest is also full of events of all kind, happening from Monday till Sunday.

In fact, you can go partying every night, if you know where the party is. This may be in the same time the main inconvenience, by having too many options and not enough info!

That’s why, better get in touch with Bucharest 2Night, our party planning agency which can provide several recommendations or simply join our epic party events anytime.

Otherwise, you can try checking events on Facebook or Google, but we promise that you’ll miss many others known only by locals or professionals.

euro 2020 bucharest

It's beautiful!.

Romanians care a lot about esthetics: well-dressed people, fancy shows, luxurious café-bars and restaurants, beautiful women and impressive landmarks.

Your eyes will always see something to admire at every corner, so you will never feel dull. And most certainly, the clubs in Bucharest will make you feel partying like a star!

One of the main reasons people used to visit Bucharest in the past is due to the fact that it was called the Little Paris; So, expect a lot of resemblances with the French capital, not only in the architecture, but also in the lifestyle and etiquette of many places!

Euro 2020…supposed to happen in 2021.

Even if 2020 was a tough year for all of us, including Romania, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the highest expected sport event of the year, EURO 2020 was postponed for 2021, in June.

Needless to say, Romania is a nation which is very much into football! Thus, this kind of event happening in Bucharest will be an amazing experience!

Most pubs will be broadcasting all football matches, while the local stadiums will be hosting four of the EURO 2020 games in Bucharest.

Expect to see crazy celebrations and parties everywhere, with tourists and locals chanting till the morning and with a lot of booze. Is this not one of the best things to do in Bucharest?!

euro 2020 bucharest

Here are some of the best things to do in Bucharest.

Go out partying!.

As earlier said, the nightlife in Bucharest is insanely fun, and missing the parties at night is not an option. Concerts, techno events, fancy clubs and random parties are happening throughout most of the city, especially in the Old Town area.

And definitely don’t miss our pub crawls in Bucharest, happening every Friday and Saturday, in the best bars and clubs in town, with a random gang every time!

It’s not like the other pub crawls from other capitals that you are maybe used to, with more drinking and less partying, but the opposite; Our pub crawls are a clubbing experience, where the hosts emphasize on socializing and partying with the people, in authentic places, where tourists can blend with locals easily!

Avoid tourist scams and party till the morning worry-less, while enjoying the spectacular scene of clubbing in Bucharest, in a variety of venues. Don’t let the internet ads confuse you with outdated, inexistent places and false recommendations!

Go explore the main boulevards in Bucharest.

Not known by many, but Bucharest’s architecture is very complex, with a huge mix of styles, such as the romantic style, art nouveau and baroque, or the rough communist style.

You will be surprised by the beautiful variety of buildings, decorative styles and different vibes in each neighborhood.

For starters, we recommend visiting the small streets in the Old Town area, and the big central boulevards, such as Victoriei or Nicolae Balcescu.

On the way you will find many shops, bars, hotels, churches and iconic monuments that define Bucharest and Romanian culture. In any way, a walking tour of Bucharest is a must-do!

nightlife in Bucharest
things to do in Bucharest - pool party

Join a daytime event.

Obviously put, Bucharest is also a great city to be in even in daytime, especially for its huge variety of events and activities.

During summer, you can try the amazing swimming pools with vibrant parties or outdoor sports, while during other seasons, you will also find a large variety of events.

Events that you may consider going to are different concerts, garden fairs, art exhibitions, social gatherings and treasure hunts.

If you’re a nature lover, there are parks in almost every neighborhood, while near suburbs you can go relax at several lakes and forests, far from the noisy center.

Secret hint: if you’re with a group, there are so many activities that you can try; Paintball, shooting, carting, escape rooms, scooter renting and many other fun stuff can be done so easily; A big city like Bucharest has everything for everyone!

Just search them on Google or ask us about them and enjoy it as you please! 😊  

Visit the second biggest spa in Europe.

Yes, you heard it well, one of the biggest and fanciest spa is in Bucharest and it’s called Therme. And it’s much more than that!

It includes massages, restaurants, bars, treatments, water slides, games and many more, so you can enjoy a full day of relaxation as you please. And it’s just next to the airport, perfect to start or finish your holiday, making it probably the one of the best things to do in Bucharest.

things to do in Bucharest - pool party

Visit the second biggest administrative building in the world.

After the American Pentagon in size, the Palace of the Parliament is second in the world!

Anytime when browsing about the things to do in Bucharest, this will be one of the top highlights you’ll find, and for the right reasons!

The Palace of Parliament is an astonishing building, constructed during the communism with a crazy ambition by the dictator Nicolae Ceausescu; 
Supposed to and currently hosting the Parliament members, the impressive Palace can be visited with organized tours daily.

Expect to see huge rooms with marbled walls, golden chandeliers, large balconies, custom-made furniture and a great view of Bucharest, among many other things.

Trips outside of Bucharest.

As earlier mentioned, Bucharest has the advantage of being close both to the seaside and mountainside. If you visit Bucharest, why not also visit more of Romania?

In less than 3.5 hours you can visit the famous Dracula’s Castle and then visit the beautiful city of Brasov on the way back in the same day.

Or you can get to the seaside early in the morning in less than 3 hours, to the party resorts of Mamaia or Vama Veche.

Vibrant beach bars and wide sand beaches in both parts, except the fact that Mamaia is famous for its fancy places, while Vama Veche for its hippie, relaxed vibes.

So, now that you know what to expect, what do you think? Are you planning a visit anytime soon?
Share your thoughts about your visit or plan to Bucharest!