Our special Barcelona Events

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At least once a month, expect a special event organized by us!

It may be during the day, afternoon or night, just be sure to check our website or Instagram page to see what’s cooking! We focus on providing the most fun experiences to our guests and celebrate any occasion we think of!

It’s the perfect opportunity to socialize, drink and meet people from all over the world in changing environments. These are the Barcelona events you’ll surely remember in 2024.

Bring your good vibes and we’ll take care of the rest!


Join the most fun and original events in Barcelona organized by us in 2024, all year long!
Don’t miss any special occasion such as Halloween, New Year’s Eve, St Patrick’s or even our Queer Pub Crawl – a bit of spice for everyone! 

What to expect

Our Barcelona events consist most times in specially organized pub crawls with various themes, drinking games, carefully selected bars and much fun!
In some cases, we may just rent a venue and throw a hell of a party where freedom and crazyness come hand in hand!

What's different

In comparison with the private events we organize by default, these events are open to everyone willing to join. A group of groups & solo travelers, if we may say so.
A great opportunity to meet many people, spread the vibe and just be part of a unique event fully planned by us!

Default inclusions (may vary)

Each night usually includes a clear plan in at least a bar/club. If it's a bar crawl, then expect at least 3 venues, shots/happy hours or included drinks, party guides & surprizes.
Be sure to check each event before!

A special pub crawl for our Queer party-goers! 
Glitter, drinks & a surprise selection of bars for an amazing party night, where joy is the keyword!

Good to know!

Local law

Bars & clubs in Catalunia require to be at least 18 years old.


We recommend not joining if you're suffering from epilepsy, heart problems, agoraphobia or are currently pregnant


Some events may require specific dress-codes. Please be sure to check conditions of each event in advance


No guests can join our events without confirmed reservations. For any additional guests, please inform us in advance


High alcohol toxicity or use of drugs during the event are strictly prohibited. In this situation, your access may be denied


In case of having our event cancelled for any reason, you will be notified in advance and may opt for a refund or a reschedule