Euro 2020 in Bucharest:

A word on football, sightseeing and nightlife in 2021

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Probably you’re now looking for information regarding the UEFA Euro 2020 in Bucharest, happening one year later due to the pandemic postpone.

And also, you’re probably wondering if a trip to Romania is worth the time & money under the current conditions, so why not rather get advice from us, as your trustworthy local consultants?

In this article, we will present you:

  • How Euro 2020 is different from previous championships
  • Why you should join Euro 2020 in Bucharest
  • Things to do in Bucharest and how is the nightlife in post-pandemic times
visit Bucharest Old town

A common passion shared not only in Europe.

By now, we think that everybody has heard about UEFA’s way of celebrating 60 years of the European Football Championship. For the second time in history, the tournament will feature 24 teams.

Furthermore, instead of only one or two hosting nations, Euro 2021 will be held across 11 cities and countries, as follows:

  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Baku, Azerbaijan
  • Bucharest, Romania
  • Budapest, Hungary
  • Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • Glasgow, Scotland
  • London, England
  • Munich, Germany
  • Rome, Italy
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia

The games in Bucharest will be played on Arena Nationala on June 13th, 17th, 21st and 28th, in the group stages.

As for a brief look over Arena Nationala, the biggest stadium in Bucharest: opened in 2011, Arena National is the host stadium for matches played by the Romanian national football team, the Romanian Cup finals, and other major matches.

The stadium features a retractable roof and has a maximum capacity of 52.634, with another 126 seats allotted for the press. Out of the 52.634 available seats, 3600 fall in the VIP sections of the stadium.

More info about the games and local updates, you can find on the official UEFA website.

visit Bucharest Old town

Why should you join Euro 2020 in Bucharest?.

For most people, Romania may seem like an unknown destination of the former Eastern bloc with a mixed reputation.

However, the thousands of tourists we’ve encountered throughout the years came here with various expectations, and left impressed and with a strong desire to visit us again!
And if you don’t believe us, ask your friends who visited us already. If you are the first in your group, be the first to share the experience!

Here are the top reasons you should join us next summer:

#1 The UEFA Euro 2021 tickets will be cheaper .

Based on the purchasing power and average income of the residents of the host countries, a price difference was instituted between them.

Therefore, tickets will be cheaper in some destinations (like Bucharest, Budapest, and Baku) than in the other hosting countries.

How much cheaper?

The prices for tickets in Romania will be by an estimative 40% cheaper than in other countries. And not only that, but the overall local prices are lower than in the rest of the Western Europe.

This way you can spend more on drinks and having fun in the rest of the time 😊

euro 2020 bucharest

#2 It’s an underdog destination.

The tourism in Romania is was having one of the biggest growths in Europe for 5 years in a row, before the COVID-19 pandemic. Every year starting 2014, the tourism grew from 10% up to 20% per year with unique visitors from abroad, which was really impressive!

Despite the yet unclear opinion of most travelers prior traveling, Bucharest is still at a point where you can have a genuine experience of the local culture, with low prices for flights, accommodation and fun.

You still have the chance of visiting a city which was ruled and shaped by kings, communists, and capitalists. There is high diversity in terms of influences, whether we’re talking about architecture, art, or the day to day Romanian life.

Furthermore, Romania is one of the safest countries on Earth, according to the 2020 Global Peace Index. To be more precise, Romania ranked 24th, which is better than in countries such as Spain, South Korea, UK, France, Greece, and the USA.

That said…

There is no need to worry about any potential bad rumors, mostly from people which never visited us! As long as you use your common sense and respect the others around you, there shouldn’t be any worries and in fact you’ll feel treated as a local quite easily!


#3 Amazing nightlife.

So, let’s assume you came to enjoy a Euro 2020 game in Bucharest!

In our opinion, the real fun begins once the evening falls and the people gather in the Old Town area to get drinks, celebrate, and have a good time.

Whether you’re into sightseeing at night or crazy partying, the city has everything for everyone! Indeed, even after the pandemic!

You can either enjoy a glass of quality wine in a quiet pub or go to our amazing clubs, busy bars or techno parties, with or without limited schedule. It’s up to you!

In fact, we consider our nightlife in Bucharest as being of the best in Europe for the immense diversity of places and parties and the people’s excitement towards it. Expect to see buzzling streets, loud music, beautiful people and a unique kind of friendly chaos.

We have over 3400 places only in Bucharest (as by 2019), ranging from clubs, to restaurants, pubs, and bars, which you can choose from.

And we, Bucharest 2Night, are ready to help you discover it! If in doubt, we can give you a hand with either private parties or our renowned pub crawl in Bucharest.

#4 A central spot for culture.

If you are not keen on partying, Bucharest has lots of other activities that you can be a part of.

Starting from a Free Walking Tour, all the way to museums, theaters, opera houses, and stunning churches, there is something to do wherever you go in Bucharest.

Featuring over 60 museums and memorial houses, you will be sure to leave the city with a good taste of what we, as a people, are all about.

You will learn about our country’s vast history, culture, and political ambitions, as well as – through the memorial houses – get a glimpse of the aspirations of the remarkable people that shaped our country and culture.

#5 Thermal baths & swimming pools.

Bucharest is home to the largest wellness center in Europe!

Having over 30.000 square meters, Therme Bucharest is comparable to a luxury resort – all in the outskirts of the city. It features large pools, outside jacuzzies, saunas, massage beds, slides, water fitness, restaurants and more.

And if a night out was not enough, they also have a swim-up bar with a large variety of beverages, so you can enjoy your most favorite drink while relaxing in the outdoor jacuzzi.

Indeed, we were saddened to hear that it was closed since the pandemic, but the great news is that starting 7th of June, this amazing place re-opened to the public!

And if that is not your jam…

During summer you will find a myriad of pools, from very exquisite – featuring day-time parties or live music shows – all the way to super laid back – so you can enjoy delicious food and tasty cocktails by your sunbed.

Now, to sum it up, for a great time during Euro 2020 in Bucharest, and not only…

Some of the things to do in
Bucharest (as for 2021).

#1 Visit Calea Victoriei boulevard .

One of the longest boulevards in Bucharest, a great place to visit the main landmarks and learn the local history of the city. From fancy cafes, hidden gardens, museums or statues, this is the street not to miss. 

Even if it may be walked in a bit more than an hour, the narrow streets and hidden alleys from it are full of secret places and shops that locals love and that can be overseen by most tourists.

Euro 2020 in Bucharest promises also a lot of special decorations, video projections and street events, so be sure to find out some hints from the locals!

#2 Experience the local nightlife.

You can choose several places where people gather for partying. It can be either the touristic Old Town with the highest density of bars and clubs (more than 150 as in 2019), the fancy Soseaua Nordului with its exclusive VIP clubs, Universitate – Piata Romana for underground or hidden bars. Or just explore the rest of the city and discover great bars where you’d least expect!
Searching for some local events through Facebook, Meetup or Instagram can be useful, but we always recommend rather talking to knowledged locals like us (Bucharest 2Night), to find the must-dos at any given moment.

Bucharest city view

#3 Visit the Palace of the Parliament..

Even if it’s an info less known abroad, Romania is the host of the second biggest administrative building in the World – The Palace of the Parliament.

The huge, impressive building was built during Ceausescu’s communist regime and since then remained one of the most iconic buildings for Bucharest’s history.

Currently the place is possible to visit with bookable tours on their website, daily, with proper guiding and for at least 1.5 hours. 
Expect to see the amazing chambers built with marble, huge balconies and many expensive paintings or wall decorations.

#4 Explore Herastrau Park (King Mihai I).

Herastrau park, found in the North of Bucharest is the largest park in town with a size of 187 hectares, around the lake with the same name.

It is an great place to visit and relax, especially during the weekends, when you can also find local events organized, such as traditional products fairs, live music plays, various festivals or just sport gatherings.

Inside the park you can also fine the Village Museum, a great place to visit for discovering more about the village life throughout Romania and its traditions.
Besides this, expect to find many terraces, fancy bars by the lake side and a huge variety of trees and flowers.

#5 Boost yourself with some adrenaline! .

If you’re planning to travel with a group of friends and wish to do some activities together, worry no more!

Being a capital city, Bucharest is filled with numerous things to do for fun or practice sports.
Some of our favorites are the team spots (renting football or tennis fields), shooting at paintball, laser tag or gun ranges, driving at carting, playing squash or billiards.

The list is much longer, but this should be enough for a short trip where you can bond with your group. Just browse on Google maps and be sure that you can get to the point of interest easily, as some of the best activities are outside Bucharest!


Bucharest is a great destination to visit in any given time of the year, but now it is better than ever! 

EURO 2020 in Bucharest promises to be a fun, buzzing and unique opportunity to enjoy a holiday like before the pandemic. The local vibe combined with the loud singing of the football fans, busy stadiums and noisy bars will be the main ingredients for a whole June of football and beer.

That being said, gather your group, book your cheap flight tickets, plan some things to do with our help, and just enjoy the rest.
We promise that you’ll come as a tourist and leave as a friend!