If you are a fan of the pub crawls or looking to join a unique nightlife experience, our pub crawl in Bucharest is the right spot!

And the best part?

According to the previous attendees, our Bucharest pub crawl offers one of the most comprehensive experiences in the whole European continent.

So, why should you join a pub crawl in Bucharest?

When you think of a pub crawl, you probably imagine a random group of tourists looking to have fun, drinking chaotically and singing loudly in all the touristic areas.

But the pub crawl with us, is much more than that!

Bucharest is a new trending holiday destination for more than 3 years, but only a few of the tourists coming here know how great the Romanian nightlife is…

…In fact, some of the major attractions of this city is the energy that Bucharest transmits to everyone throughout the entire year and how friendly locals are!

Being a fresh party destination, the concept of a pub crawl is still growing in Bucharest.

Fortunately, this offered us the luxury of shaping it in a unique way!

The result?

We are now offering everyone a more complex, people-oriented and authentic experience, tailored to make everyone happy and party till the morning in the best clubs!

We guarantee an unforgettable, fun and crazy journey into discovering the nightlife of Bucharest!

So, if you want to have more clues about our famous pub crawl in Bucharest, read below just some of its highlights!

#1 A great socializing opportunity.

Whether you are travelling to Bucharest alone, with your partner, family, best friends or co-workers, the pub crawl is a great way to meet new people and fellow travelers from all over the world.

All these while experiencing some of the hottest venues in town!

You might not want to miss your chance of returning home with new friends, great memories, and unique cross-cultural experiences that will put a smile on your face when you’ll think of Bucharest.

Probably the best part is that you are meeting like-minded people, with good vibes and a friendly attitude. This will virtually skyrocket the chances to share common interests!

#2 The best opportunity to discover many great places.

Our venues of choice are always carefully selected by us based on the attendees’ expectations, the ongoing events, and the party potential of each venue for that night!

Moreover, all the guides are connoisseurs of the local party scene and lead the group unerringly to the hotspots of the city. And we don’t stop the party early, but most of the time till late in the morning!

In a nutshell, a pub crawl in Bucharest will reveal unique venues, otherwise known only to some of the locals who know where to party!

best pub crawls in Bucharest

#3 Having a very safe, hassle-free & organized night out.

Regardless of whether you’re a local – born and raised in Bucharest, a weekend traveler tourist, or expat, we want everyone to have the right to enjoy a safe, hassle-free, and unforgettable night out!

Although Bucharest is among the safest capitals of Europe, this city is growing its visitors year by year. And with an increasing cosmopolitan society, the risks follow suit.

A party guide will sidestep the hassle and dangerous areas, save up time at the club entrances, care for your safety and, last but not least, organize everything in detail.

/ How to party in Bucharest

#4 A great occasion to celebrate your bachelors party or birthday (or any other event).

Why complicate yourself and search for a plan to make everyone in your group happy, when we can help you out with that?

You can celebrate any big event to its highest potential within a pub crawl!

Aside from the much bigger group of people along who will be excited for you, you will also be in the center of attention and get to enjoy many surprises that will make your celebration an epic one.

And don’t forget that our guides will make sure you will enjoy some surprises along the tour, so you will feel like the star of the night!


#5 A perfect way of blending in with the locals.

Among the first things you will probably do when arriving at your new destination will be to research:

What to do in Bucharest

Best places to party in Bucharest or…

Nightlife in Bucharest

Okay, so far so good, in Internet we trust (or do we?!).

Unfortunately, this will most likely bring tourist trap-like results…

You may want to get the most of your experience and feel the Romanian vibe along with and surrounded by locals! Hence, in such a case, Google won’t do.

Those suggestions are mostly proposed by tourists’ random experiences or businesses, but not the locals.

And this is where we step in again, to offer you a genuine experience of the Bucharest nightlife with all the real, useful hints and places that we recommend!

#6 Save the planning effort.

When traveling abroad, putting everything in motion can be daunting.

While the decision to come here is entirely up to you (and we’re happy with it)!

When it comes to partying like a pro, this can be easily arranged by a professional entertainment company such as us, Bucharest 2Night.  We are working hard to show everyone for almost 4 years how underrated and cool Bucharest is…and so far we consider doing it right!

Skip the planning effort and get straight to partying, by joining a pub crawl or any party tour that will make your holiday in Bucharest a memorable one!

nightlife in Bucharest
drinks in Bucharest

#7 Avoid unnecessary costs.

All well-known clubs, as well as many top bars, may raise some high entrance fees or have more expensive booking policies for tourists.

Furthermore, people want to experience more of the nightlife in Bucharest than just a regular club or a bar. And costs may quickly add up without you even realizing it!

All in all, you might end up paying admission and standing all lonely in the big hall which looked so promising from the outside.

In contrast, choosing an organized party tour means that you will be led by a local guide through the desired locations without paying any additional cost.

#8 Getting drunk responsibly and enjoying a full night out.

As obvious as it may seem, not a single pub crawl is similar to another one.  However, commonly, most of them involve alcohol. In fact, a lot of it!

Moderation is always recommended but rarely applied; therefore, we are here to support and lead you safely through the night! We love drinking in good companionship as much as the next person.

However, since Bucharest is a city where the party starts really late, we advise you not to rush and drink progressively through the night!

Not to mention, one of the reasons you should join a pub crawl in Bucharest is that you won’t risk being an outcast. And let’s face it, you will hang out with professional drinkers!

drinks in Bucharest

#9 Improving your language skills (especially after drinking).

Good news!

A study finds that alcohol improves foreign language skills, according to The Independent. Bilingual people are actually better at speaking foreign languages after a drink or two.

Therefore, if festive cheer can boost your language skills, join a pub crawl, grab a beer and let your tongue speak out.

Alcohol is here to help you effortlessly make new friends! Cheers to that!

#10 The chance to represent your nation proudly by partying.

Drop all your inhibitions at night, while being surrounded by amazing people from all over the world, who share a common purpose – partying!

Our tour guides will set you up to interact and party with a variety of nationalities and the rest is up to you!

What makes you special and how do you choose to spend your holidays? What represents you and many other people from your country? You can show everyone exactly what’s the drill and how you roll!

If meeting exciting new people sounds fun to you, then you just got another reason to give our weekly Bucharest pub crawls a chance and be your country’s ambassador!

In case you’ve been part of one of our pub crawls, leave us a comment with your experience below and tell us your story. If not, tell us where you had the most fun pub crawl so far and why you loved it so much.

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